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DE2-115 D5M image issues

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I am an absolute FPGA beginner... but for a beginner I have a very nice collection of Altera products:) 


I am running Quartus Web Edition v14 with DE2-115. 


The updated example from the CD that comes with the D5M compiles and runs fine.  


The default resolution provides a nice clean VGA image, with minor color balance problems. 

However, when I change the resolution to 640x480 by uncommenting the setting in VGA_Param.h, 

the resulting image has vertical bars of noise. 


Another thread with a different but somewhat similar issue resolved that issue by making clock changes to the .sdc file. 

I have played with various changes to D5M_PIXCLK in the .sdc file... from 20 to 48, with no visible changes in the output. 




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Oops... the SDRAM clock was set for 100MHz for simulation purposes. By commenting out the 100MHz settings and uncommenting the 133MHz settings, the problem went away.