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FPGAs 5CEFA9F27C8N availability


Good morning, 

I'm writing to kindly ask information about FPGAs 5CEFA9F27C8N.

This item is unavilable everywhere, nobody knows when it will be back in stock again, no delivery timing is discolsed (differently from other itmes for which we have very long time to be back in stock, e.g. 40 weeks, nevertheless it's STILLan information we can discuss with our clients and use to manage productions process). 

I would like to know if you can give us some information about this topic, because it's getting crucial (of course not only for us) to plan our productions which are dependent from FPGAs 5CEFA9F27C8N.

We need to have date time delivery and information related to stocks, to plan our activities and to flow down this information to clients; otherwise we will be forced to proceed with the re-engineerization of our products in order to not be dependent from this constraint anymore. 


Thank you in advance,


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Hi, for device supply / lead time, kindly contact nearest local intel sales office for more information.

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Hello ,


You must be kidding ...


I live in Poland.

Since year I ask and ask...
To Mouser , To Arrow , To Digikey to anybody who sell in Poland or world wide.

Nobody knows when the XXXX Intell will be back delivering.

I have also signed CNDA ,but no difference.


It's ok to say , we will not sell anything till 2024. or 2023 or whatever ...


Other way there is no chance to build any project plan or any planning at all.

Due to uncertainty you lost customers. I hope you understand this.


This is the worst situation I can imagine. NO INFORMATION AT ALL.


Everybody I know is redesigning own products to stay away from Intel fpga's.


best regards


Adam Górski


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