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Factory (NIOS) over-rides my USB Blaster configuration

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6xx-40020-0B Dev Kit. 


This kit has a Max7XXX device that manages (to **** me off) the USB Blaster configuration. 


When I click start in Quartus Programer, this happens: 


1. Error light (red) is solid for about 2 sec (Flash_CE off, config_done off) 

2. At this time my build is active 

3. flash_CE is on, config is flashing, user is on 

4. flash_ce is off, config_done is on, user is off, factory is on 

5. no my build is not running, and factory(NIOS) is running. 


USB Blaster target is EP2C35F672 


In summary, NIOS (Factory) is running, I send my build, it runs for 1/10 sec, then max7000 re-configures NIOS(Factory) (from on board FLASH). 


Thanks for any ideas 

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I found a hack. 


I erased the max7000, and now I't no longer interferes. Luckily the HW must use a non JTAG serial, but rather a tri-state buss config? 


But, I would like to know how to use the 7000 (Config manager) feature. I suspect there is a special program that allows the EE to write to the "User Space" of the flash? 


Can you help me find the CD/DVD that came with this Dev Kit (6xx-40020-0B)? 


Thanks again 

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The Dev Kit Doc says the FPGA (NIOS) can also access the FLASH (Config FLASH).  


So, I guess you could run NIOS (Factory), then using BDM / virtual RS232 / Ether, you could write your SOF/POF to the "User Space", then re-boot?