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Remote System Update (RSU) example on Cyclone IV GX development kit

Remote System Update (RSU) example on Cyclone IV GX development kit


This is an example design of remote system update (RSU) for Cyclone IV GX development kit. This design is based on AN 521: Cyclone III Active Parallel Remote System Upgrade Reference Design.

The changes from the AN 521 reference design are as follows:

  • AP to AS in configuration scheme
  • Removed PFL
  • Changed Device and Pin options for AS
  • Perform all commands
  • Added some commands which are not performed in AN521 design
  • Changed design in ru_cb.v
  • See RSU Function slide for command list
  • Past Status 2 indicator
  • Added past status 2 indicator LEDs in Factory design
  • SignalTap II for Factory and Application
  • PLL setting
  • Added 100MHz output for SignalTap II sampling clock
  • Modified for Cyclone IV GX FPGA Development Kit
  • Assigned clock, user push buttons and user LEDs

See RSU Example CIV GX Wiki.pdf for detail.


  • Project

File:RSU CIVGX devkit wiki

Added Conversion Setup File (.cof) into output_files of CIII_CIV_RU_FactoryImage

  • Instruction

File:RSU Example CIV GX Wiki.pdf

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‎06-26-2019 11:19 PM
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