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Support for VAAPI to OpenCL Interoperability on Ubuntu Linux 22.04 (image formats)



I am currently working on a project that involves using VAAPI to OpenCL interoperability scenario, following Intel documentation (OpenCL™ Interoperability with Video Acceleration API on Linux* OS, My objective is to build a component that enables zero-copy allowing OpenCL kernel processing on an image2d generated from a VA Surface with various pixel formats, including RGBA and some other single planar formats.

I have been successful in implementing the target scenario when the VA Surface pixel format is NV12. However, when attempting to export image2d OpenCL object from VA Surfaces with RGBA pixel format, I am unable to access the complete pixel surface through executing the OpenCL kernel. This leads me to believe that the image format of the cl_mem object exported does not match with the VA Surface pixel format due to a limitation or bug of the extension.

I would greatly appreciate any support or advice from the community on the reason for this behaviour. Please see below some specific information about the platform to assist in troubleshooting.

Platform information:

Processor: Intel Atom(R) x6425RE Processor @ 1.90GHz

OS: Ubuntu Linux 22.04

Relevant packages and versions:

intel-gpu-tools 1.26-2 amd64 tools for debugging the Intel graphics driver

intel-media-va-driver-non-free:amd64 22.3.1+ds1-1 amd64 VAAPI driver for the Intel GEN8+ Graphics family

intel-opencl-icd 22.14.22890-1 amd64 Intel graphics compute runtime for OpenCL

Let me know if some other details may be needed. Thank you in advance.

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