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Intel HD 530 - HDMI audio issue - device changes shortly when starting a game/app


Hello Community - again.


For some reason my posts are declared as SPAM and when i tried to appeal they just deleted my Posts. Please...don't do this, or at least tell me WHY


My Problem is as follows:
I use several devices with an Intel 6500 and Intel HD 530 iGPU on Windows 10(64Bit 21h2).


When i start a fullscreen app/game it changes the Audio device from the standard Intel HD Audio to the next available device. 

Some Games/Apps change back to the standard device once started but some other games(like for example Baldur's Gate Dark alliance 1 and 2, or Final Fantasy XIII) do not. They just use the wrong device and this can't be changed. Windows also only shows Intel HD Audio is in use - i have no audio in this case.

When i disable all other audio devices those games just crash, or hang during start. If i disable to onboard audio there is no other Audio device at all available.


I found out that the driver: does not have this issue.
But this driver has no, or broken Vulkan Support and the system crashes randomly with BSODs in regards to igfx(i can attach minidumps if needed).
But then again - i have sound in all applications and games.

The drivers from the vendor do not solve this - they have the some problem.

Other drivers tested: and Beta and They all have the same audio issue.

How may i solve this? Is there another driver like but with working vulkan support and no Bluescreens and no audio issue?

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