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100 Series /C230 chipset compatibility issues with windows 7?


I wonder is there is a known compatibility issue between 100 Series /C230 chipset of my motherboard (Gigabyte Z170X-UD3) and windows 7and how I can know if that is what is causing my issues and how to fix them.


My issue, resumed: I cant make a video capture card to work properly, it should bring my dsrl digital camera hd video signal to my pc and it is not, im only getting a poor quiality low fps signal instead. To make the story short, after returning the product and replacing by a new one, that presented the same issue, tech support said that (and I quote)


"our techician suspect the chipset may not be compatible with win7, which leads the image issue when Magewell capture device is used"


I wonder if there is a know issue between some of this components and if so, how I could fix it in order to use my capture card.


My specs:

Intel i7 6700K 4.00Ghz

GTX 1070

Gigabyte Z170X-UD3

USB 3.0 ports


16Gb RAM


Win 7 64 bit



I will now describe my issues with more details:


Basically, I bought a hdmi capture card to bring a dsrl camera video signal into my pc, and use it as my main camera on my livestream videos.


Two years ago I bought a Magewell hdmi to usb3 dongle capture card, one of the best capture cards and with very good reviews and rate from users. But never worked properly, very low frame rate and ghosting effect so I returned it thinking it was just bad luck. Magewell sent me another brand new capture card, and it failed too, so I started to email tech support, doing test until they came up with the idea of a possible compatibility issue between the chipsets and win7.


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Hello jmart36, Thank you for posting on the Intel® Communities. According to your computer manufacturer's site, Windows 7 is supported. From my end, there is no information regarding known issues for this platform. Since the issue is isolated to that device, the issue could be the other way around the capture card not being compatible with your set up. What are the recommended settings/set up for the Magewell? Have they validated your hardware/software configuration to work with the capture card? From my end, the recommendation is to test your system with the minimum configuration. Additionally, check with the video card support for more information. Amy C Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation

If you need further assistance let us know. Amy C Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation

Hi @AmyC_Intel

Ive posted this exact question about 3 months ago. I got a response from Al Hill, asking me to download some software from Intel to make a preliminary test (I don't remember its name).

He explained to me that Intel support engineer will contact me, but that never happened.

Unfortunately, Intel site has changed recently and my post is gone.

Im experimenting my issue for about 2 years now, and have done countless tests trying to figure it out, without results (testing usb3 ports, cables, cameras, software settings, hdmi card settings, talked to capture card technicians...)

Finally I got here. Besides reaching my video card support team as you recommended, there is something I can do to be sure its not a chipset/motherboard compatibility issue? Is there some test I can run to check something that maybe I'm missing?

PS What exactly do you mean by "to test your system with the minimum configuration. "?

Really thanks!

Have a wonderful day!




Not from my end, as I mentioned before you isolated the issue to the capture card meaning that you should be focusing on that. To test one memory stick, test it without the video card and to remove any unnecessary devices attached. And, if possible try another operating system. You could also reach your motheboard's support, they could have more suggestions for you. Amy C Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation