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I recently upgraded to an 11900K & Asus Z590 TUF GAMING PLUS WIFI. I am getting "BSOD_DRIVER_POWER_ STATE_FAILURE".


At first I thought it was because I did not reinstall when transferring from my old configuration (7820X & X299 TUF) but then after reinstalling the most recent Windows 10 it I would still get this same BSOD with ZERO programs installed. Just running Windows Updates.


I have since disconnected everything from the motherboard EXCEPT cpu/cooler/fan, power, memory and nvme. I know the memory is good because I spent days in memcheck when I got it, I even disabled XMP. I then installed different memory to be certain.


There is no GPU in this computer, Intel graphics only.  I did not experience this issue until I removed the graphics card I had and started using the integrated graphics.  Regardless, several Windows 10 reinstalls later, it is still not working. I have tried the (1/4/2021, drivers that windows installs by default. I have tried the drivers that are 'optional' in Windows Update and I have even tried directly installing the drivers directly from intel. com.  All without any difference.  Still random BSOD's with the same "DRIVER_POWER_ STATE_FAILURE" error.


I have reinstalled Windows 10 about 6 times trying to figure out what is wrong, each time trying different things (different iGPU drivers, Chipset drivers installed, chipset drivers not installed, etc)...none of it makes any difference. It will happen randomly. I could be using the computer for a couple hours and it will just BSOD and reboot itself.




SSU Detailed View attached.

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Should anyone see this in the future, I finally figured this out. Long story short, it was the Z590 iGPU misbehaving with my MONITOR (Dell P2715Q)!


I have two monitors (Dell P2715Q Revision A03). Using dual monitors with the Z590 iGPU means I need to use HDMI for one of them. Well...APPARENTLY Z590/11th Gen iGPU (maybe other gen too) is INCOMPATIBLE with my MONTIOR. On a whim, I used another HDMI monitor I had and had ZERO issues. At first I thought it was the HDMI cable so I swapped that but the problem persisted.


Z590 iGPU connected with HDMI to P2715Q, unstable and will hang 10+ minutes in to "restarting" with a blue screen.
Z590 iGPU connected with HDMI to a different monitor, works perfect.
Z590 iGPU connected with DisplayPort to P2715Q, works perfect.
If using a discrete GPU there is no problem.


I tried this on BOTH of my P2715Q monitors so it's not the one specific monitor.


The Microsoft Basic Display Adapter drivers work fine, it is only when the Intel Graphics Drivers are installed to the problems begin. This is true regardless if the Intel drivers come from Microsoft via Windows Update, the motherboard manufacturer or direct from Intel themselves, all broken.


This is a really CRAZY culprit but I'm glad I finally found it. At least I know my hardware isn't broken (just Intel's drivers). After searching for "Z590"+"P2715Q"+"HDMI" I found someone else having the exact same problem on this forum 18 months ago, with no solution of course.


The last little quibble: When the P2715Q is off or asleep when ONLY DisplayPort is connected (and no HDMI), the PC will beep with VGA error (no error if connected with HDMI). If the monitor is on when the PC is turned on, works perfect. I've heard this VGA error can be fixed by disabling fast boot, it does not.


Good news is that with a discrete GPU installed, none of this matters.  Hopefully Intel fixes their drivers!

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