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Additional monitor doesn't work properly/HDMI connection- Intel HD graphics


My problem description:

After connecting external monitor (which has nominally full HD resolution) to laptop, view seems to be bigger than the screen ( desktop is about 5-10 mm over the boards of screen). I don't have option >scale to full screen< in Intel HD graphics properites tab when I use full resolution. Optional scaling is working, but not perfectly, image is a little blurry. I am connecting my additional monitor by HDMI cable. I can't adjust my settings in nVidia panel.

I've tried:

Installing latest Intel HD drivers, also some older. Installing monitor drivers. - Doesn't work.

Using lower resolution - It works, I can use >set to the middle< or >scale to full screen< option, but that is not what I want.

Checking the monitor on others machines - On laptop with ATI graphic card, without Intel HD it works perfectly, also on PC with old NVidia 6800.

My laptop specification:

Asus N71JV with nVidia GT325M and nVidia Otimus + Intel I3 M350

My question:

Is there any other posibillity to fix this problem? Maybe some idieas where I can find solution? I suspect this nVidia Optimus, but I can't turn it of.

Thanks in advance for any help


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