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Arc A750 Power consumption and clock frequency


So far I did the same as High Power Consumption when Intel® Arc™ Graphics Card said, but the idle power consumption of the GPU is still around 42w.

All Bios changes done and also the energy settings in windows, but in vain.

Also I cheaked the PCI Express on the hwinfo64 that indicated the status of ASPM was in L1 Entry successfully.

But the GPU frequency still goes around 1000MHz in idle.

Then I asked others who had the same issue. And I found that if the cpu does not have a core graphics card, the power problem would remain unsettled.

So I want to know whether it is true. And if that is the case, what is the new solution.

In addition, the GPU frequency in the AIDA64 goes between 300MHz and 1000MHz, which was strange.


Arc A750 Power consumption and clock frequency 

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Hello White

We noticed this is a duplicate thread of your other thread with the title Arc A750 Power consumption and clock frequency. Please continue t post on the original thread since we will be closing this one to prevent duplicate efforts.

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