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Brigtness Problem


Hello, i bought a new notebook. Dell Inspiron 5401. I like my computer but it has a tragic problem. When its on charge, it has no problem. But if it s on batery, it increases or decreases the brightness by itself. I did every thing to fix it but no change. I guess a while ago, there was a section on the Intel Graphic And Media Center, or Control Panel about batery saving. I saw that it had called ''Display Power Saving Technology'' which allows to shot down this sencor thing but there s not a button which works same right now. I dont know what to do. I am using a Win10 (a copy one). Although i deleted sensor file on regedit, there happend no change. What i shoul do? 

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Check with dell for a bios update, and any other updates related to video/graphics.



Thank you for nice replies. I want to inform you that  There is not any ''Adaptive Brightness/enabling'' button in Intel® Graphics Command Center. And there is not any Enable adaptive brightness button in Intel® Graphics Control Panel as well. And, I even can not see ''Display'' button after i expand to Task Scheuder>Library>Microsoft>Windows>??no display... And last one... In the control panel of Windws... After i expand to ontrol Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options and then Change advanced power settings, there are no ''Display and expand Enable adaptive brightness section'' there.  😞 I dont know what to do.  There are no buttons like that.  I am just desperate, helpless.

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