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Control panel just won't open


For about a week or longer I've been trying to fix this problem. The intro/loading screen of the control panel opens, then it closes and nothing else happens.


I'm running Intel HD Graphics 520 in a Windows 10 (1903), 64 bit, HP 240 G6.


I updated my computer (was on 1809), I tried to install newer drivers (they all said my computer didn't have the requirements even though supposedly I do), I tried to update the driver from the device manager... Lastly I followed pretty terrible advice given here and uninstalled the driver to get it to install again.


It technically did install again, but the custom profile I had set before for my screen obviously disappeared, and I STILL can't open the panel, so now my screen is insanely bright (and yes, I did use the Windows calibrator thing already as well, and no reducing the brightness on the energy settings isn't what I need either because that type of reduced brightness is WORSE), which is very bad for me as I'm 1) autistic and very sensitive to this stuff, 2) a graphic designer and I need for the colors to have higher contrast and the blacks to be much darker/richer.


I've never had this problem before, it happened from one day to another, completely out of thin air.


I don't know what to do at this point, I'm really desperate. I can barely read the gray text in some websites.


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