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Display Adapter Update Problem

Hello, I have this problem : On my notebook I have this display adapter Mobile Intel 965 Chipset Family Microsoft Comporation - WDDM 1.1 and I really wanna update it because its really slow but when I try update it in device manager it says it cant update because it is on newest version is there some way to update it ? My laptop is Lenovo ThinkPad X61, windows 10 64bit is there any way to update this display adapter please ?

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There is no way to upgrade this hardware. The graphics adapter is built into the Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (a component of the chipset) and this component is permanently affixed to the motherboard in this notebook. Same goes for your Core 2 Duo processor; it is also permanently affixed to the notebook's motherboard. Further, your processor and chipset are not supported for Windows 10. That is, Intel makes no Windows 10 drivers for hardware this old. The reason why it is so slow (relatively speaking; its old and dog slow hardware anyway) is because, in order to allow Windows 10 to run, compatibility drivers are used. Microsoft's compatibility driver for graphics cannot make use of any of the acceleration capabilities of this hardware (not that they do much good anyway, relatively speaking).

Bottom line, your only viable option is to replace this notebook with something newer. Any money you spend trying to improve the performance of this notebook is money simply being thrown away. Don't do it. Purchase a newer notebook. A modern unit with even a low-end Atom processor will easily outperform your notebook's ancient Core 2 Duo processor and its chipset graphics.

Sorry, this is the reality of the situation,