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Driver becomes unstable on high VRAM usage



System Used: Intel NUC7i5BNK
CPU SKU: Intel Core i5-7260U
GPU SKU: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
Processor Line: Mobile
System BIOS Version: BNKBL357.86A.0082
CMOS settings:
Graphics Driver Version:
GOP/VBIOS Version: 9.0.1084
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10
OS Version: 10.0.17763
API: Vulkan
Occurs on non-Intel GPUs?: No


Graphics card driver crashes when VRAM usage exceeds ~1.7 GB VRAM. I've managed to bisect the exact driver version.

Last good version:

First bad version: /

As you can cleary see, this has something to do with the jump from WDDM 2.5 to WDDM 2.6. I've tested this on multiple systems and the result is always the same.



I am not a dev so for me the easiest way to reproduce was to run the Cemu emulator, run my copy of Mario Kart 8 and let it idle on the title screen. I've seen the crash happen as early as two minutes and as late as 52 minutes. You guys could probably just write a little program which fills the VRAM with random garbage and observe a crash that way.


Hopefully this time around one of you lazy Intel devs actually decides to reply for once.

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