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Hello, I have a problem with the cpu of my laptop, a problem that comes from the 1st day that I bought it, and is that every time I open a program, for example Google, the page goes blank and says: Google does not respond .
The same message that I get with all the programs including the task manager, BUT when I go to open the program for the second time it no longer throws me that error, I thought the problem was because the RAM was filling up but no, I have 8 GB of RAM and I verified it by looking at the task manager, I have updated my laptop with ALL drivers hoping it will fix and the problem continues, I have formatted my laptop 3 times and the problem continues.
In games for example DB Fighter Z or Street Fighter V, every time I do an action like hitting, jumping etc the game freezes like 5-10 seconds or so, then I do the action again and I don't have that problem.
When testing the MSI Afterburner, I found that in those freezing moments the CPU AND GPU were going 0%.
Once when I entered "msconfig" and disabled all Microsoft services by mistake, I restarted my computer and re-entered the aforementioned games in a miraculous way, the freezes had already been avoided, now there was only stuttering in those specific moments where the freezing appeared, I had settled for it despite still being annoying, until I change the graphical configuration of the game and the same problem comes back with that game, I applied the same method of deactivating all services and it "worked" again better, already that those frosts continue but for much less time.
What I am looking for is a solution to get rid of that problem since it is too annoying, and I will watch videos if that problem had more people, and oh surprise there are several, some with another graphic like the intel hd 620 in a A game like Valorant by Example gives you the same problem, then in another video from a person who has the same components, you don't get those problems. The truth is that I have seen it with intel cpu since the eighth generation.
By the way I have this problem with Windows 10 (20H2 AND 21H1) the others I have not tried.

My system:
-Windows 10 64-bit
-Intel® Core ™ i3-1005G1
-8GB RAM DDR4 2667 Mhz
-256 GB SSD
-Intel UHD Graphics G1

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You need to work with the manufacturer of your device to resolve these errors.

Better yet, do a clean install of the os and dump the manufacturer's shovelware.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Windows 11 is the new Vista]

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