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Endless scanning.


Hello! I have a problem. I needed to update the drivers and I decided to visit the IDSA download site, the site

Then I downloaded the Intel Driver app & Support Assistant on your PC, where Windows Server 2022 Standard OS is installed and installed this application. Nothing happened after the restart, but I decided to manually check for new drivers. I was again thrown to the site and there was an endless scan of my system. I do not know what to do with this. I use Microsoft Edge.

Please help me, please!


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Hello @WaxiestMoriss 

1. You did not supplied any information about the computer you have. In order to get better information about your system, please download the Intel System Support Utility (SSU). Run the SSU scan (check "Everything") and save the results. The .txt file with the results please attach to your post.

2. Any way, with disregard to my advice in para. 1, you should know that the first driver to be installed is "Chipset Device Software". This driver is not actually a driver but collection of the .inf files describing your hardware. This driver should by downloaded and installed manually, before running the IDSA.

3. After installing the Chipset Device Software, I suggest that you uninstall the IDSA using the IDSA uninstaller and only then  install the latest IDSA