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Found a compatible issue on Iris XE graphics driver with Philps USB-HUB




I believed I found a compatible issue on Iris XE graphics driver with several USB-HUB. 

I've test in 2 Laptops which are X1 Nano with i7-1160G7 and X1 Carbon with i7-1165G7. Both of them use Intel Iris XE graphic. 

A normal Philps USB HUB support 2K ratio in 60HZ and 4K ratio in 30HZ. 


However, if the laptop used the graphic driver newer than, the usb hub cannot identify the monitor with correct ratio. I've test for DELL U2719SDS which is a 2K monitor, and LG4K monitor as well. 


And once I rollback the version of driver to, the compatible issue was solved. 


As I confirmed with Philps supports, they are sure about the support ability especially the hub read the DID correctly. 


Since the Intel Iris graphics are popluar in the laptop, especially for thinkpad series, Could you please help to check the compatible issue? 



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