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Freezing During Gameplay

My laptop freezes when i play a game. Like the Sims 4. I usually play The Sims 4 and when i decide to actually play with the people i made (as in start the gameplay, like controlling them or whatever) my laptop freezes and the sound start making a buzzing kind of sound. At first I thought i was because my game was cracked but when i play Roblox (not cracked) it freezes too. So I went online to do my own research, I saw alot of things about graphics driver needing to be updated so i did. But my intel graphics driver didn't. It Is Intel HD 3000 Graphics ( I also have Nvidia but i was able to update that one )

it says 2016 still so i tried downloading a new one. But it says something like ' device doesnt meet minimum requirements' something like that. I'm not sure if it is supposed to be 2016 still but i tried getting the newest version but then that error showed up.

So what do i do??

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What is your processor model number?

What is the model number of your motherboard, or the model number and manufacturer of your system?

Is your system a laptop or desktop?

Are you running windows 10? If so, HD 3000 is not supported on Windows 10. Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Graphics Products


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