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GM965 - how to get a refresh rate above 50Hz?

Hello all. New here and hoping someone can help...

I have a Lenovo X61 tablet which has a Mobile Intel GM965 Express Chipset. It is set up as a dual boot with Vista Business SP2 and Windows 7 32bit Ultimate Build 7100. With either Vista or Windows 7, the only Refresh Rate I can select on Display Settings is 50Hz (regardless of resolution).

I want to force a Refresh Rate of 60Hz so that I can play a game which doesn't work with a refresh rate of less than 60Hz (Battlefield Heroes).

Monitor Asset Manager (moninfo) reports that, according to the EDID of the LCD, the monitor should be able to support 60Hz at resolutions that are lower than native:

Timing characteristics


Range limits............. Not available


GTF standard............. Not supported


Additional descriptors... None


Preferred timing......... Yes


Native/preferred timing.. 1400x1050p at 50Hz (4:3)


Modeline............... "1400x1050" 84.800 1400 1420 1536 1600 1050 1052 1057 1060 -hsync -vsync

Standard timings supported


640 x 480p at 60Hz - IBM VGA


800 x 600p at 60Hz - VESA


1024 x 768p at 60Hz - VESA


1280 x 1024p at 60Hz - VESA STD

Given the "standard timings supported" I was hoping I could somehow select a 60Hz refresh rate. I have posted this question on other forums and have been advised that it is the display driver that is restricting the refresh rate to 50Hz. Is there a way to override this in either Windows 7 or Vista (I don't care which)?

As at the time of posting I am running the latest Intel display drivers in Windows 7 ( and Vista (

Thank you!

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