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Geometry Shader Bug

I have an ongoing problem with the Intel shader compiler for Intel HD Graphics cards (most of the ones I have tested).

The issue is related to utilizing a geometry shader, in which I will receive this message:

'The fragment shader uses varying uv, but previous shader does not write to it. Out of resource error.'

This is a bug, pure and simple, easily described as the fact that the shader compiler does not properly see that there is a geometry shader in the pipeline.

I can elaborate more if the above post is does not provide enough information, but it is actually quite simple:

My vertex shader uses:

out vData


vec2 pos;

} vertex;

My geometry shader uses:

in vData


vec2 pos;


out gData


vec2 uv;


And my fragment shader uses:

in gData


vec2 uv;


This is easy to diagnose:

A vertex -> fragment pipeline does not write 'varying uv', but the geometry shader is the true 'previous shader', so this is a bug and therefore Intel HD Graphics does not meet the criterion for OpenGL support.

FYI: Nvidia and AMD have no issues whatsoever compiling the same shaders.


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Community Manager

Hello HenZap,



I understand you are having some issues with the Intel® Shader Compiler.



Allow me to share with you that we have a special group which is in charge of these inquires and they can give you further assistance regarding this issue you are facing. Please go to the Developing Games and Graphics on Intel® and ask this question on the forum.



Thank you for your patience.



Antony S.



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