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Graphics Card Driver UHD Graphics 630 - Projector Display Issue



I recently purchased a new HP PC with the UHD Graphics 630 card installed. It was working great for a couple of months then the driver updated and it now cuts the top and bottom off my display on my 720p projector which I use predominantly for my display.

I did a test, and when I screen share, it doesn't cut it off, so it's just on my display side.

I tried to roll back the drivers in display manager but it did not help.  Fast forward to today, now, in order to work I have had to disable the driver for the graphics card completely and it's now using some windows default driver which delivers terrible performance.

Any assistance to resolve this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


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If you are running one of the latest driver packages, you should see an app in your Windows Start Menu named Intel Graphics Command Center. Start up this app and select the Display entry in the left-hand menu. Then, highlight the monitor that is having the overscan problem. Now change the Scale parameter to Custom. This should cause the screens to flash for a moment and then it will display a Custom Scaling window. Ue the two sliders in the monitor representation to adjust for the overscan. Once you have it accurately displaying, click on the X to close the window and then on the main display's X to close the app.

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