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Graphics Control Panel Missing Power Options


Hello everyone!


I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga C930 (model 81C4000HUS), and after attempting to dual-boot Linux, wiped the thing and reinstalled Windows 10 fresh. After installing all the drivers from (it detected my machine), then double-checking with Intel's driver tool (it also detected my machine), I opened the Graphics Control Panel to find the Power section is missing separate settings for Battery and Plugged in. How might I get these sub menus?


My model includes an i7-8550U with Intel HD 620 Graphics.

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Are you referring to the new Intel Graphics Command Center or the old Intel HD Graphics Control Panel? If the answer is the former, there are a lot of things missing in this new tool and this capability might come in the fullness of time (Intel Customer Support (@Bryce@Intel​) place make note of this feature). If the answer is the latter, however, I wouldn't bet on seeing this added as the new tool, which accompanies the new DCH drivers, is replacing the old tool.


I do not recommend the use of the Intel Driver and Support Assistant (IDSA) application with laptop products. Often, the Intel HD Graphics driver is modified by the vendor to add support for unique hardware features and, in cases where dual graphics engines are included, to support switching between these engines. IDSA could potentially replace these drivers with versions that do not support these capabilities and thus break them.


Hope this helps,



Thank you so much for the reply, Scott!


I was referring to the old Intel HD Graphics Control Panel which comes installed with my drivers, but after taking a second look at the new Intel Graphics Command Center, it seems to have the exact settings I was searching for! So my issue seems to be resolved, thank you so much!