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Graphics Driver Bug - Linux GLSL can't handle precisions


Trying to use the GLSL shader below, gives me an error:

error: definitions of uniform block '_Font' do not match

Vertex Shader:   #version 400   struct ViewportClass   {   float from;   float range;   vec2 center;   vec2 size;   vec2 size_fov_tan;   vec4 FracToPosXY;   vec4 ScreenToPosXY;   vec4 PosToScreen;   };   layout(row_major,std140)uniform _Viewport   {   vec4 Coords;   ViewportClass Viewport;   vec4 RTSize;   };   layout(row_major,std140)uniform _Global   {   layout(row_major)mat4 ProjMatrix;   vec3 CamAngVel;   float TesselationDensity;   vec2 GrassRangeMulAdd;   vec4 ClipPlane;   mediump vec4 BendFactor;   layout(row_major)mat4x3 CamMatrix;   };   layout(row_major,std140)uniform _Font   {   mediump float FontShadow;   mediump float FontContrast;   mediump float FontShade;   float FontDepth;   mediump vec3 FontLum;   };   layout(location=0)in vec4 ATTR0;   layout(location=1)in mediump vec3 ATTR1;   layout(location=2)in mediump vec3 ATTR2;   layout(location=3)in mediump vec4 ATTR3;   layout(location=4)in vec2 ATTR4;   layout(location=5)in vec2 ATTR5;   layout(location=6)in vec2 ATTR6;   layout(location=7)in mediump float ATTR7;   layout(location=8)in vec4 ATTR8;   layout(location=9)in vec4 ATTR9;   layout(location=10)in mediump vec4 ATTR10;   layout(location=11)in mediump vec4 ATTR11;   noperspective out vec2 IO0;   noperspective out float IO1;   vec2 _55;   void main()   {   IO0=vec2(ATTR4.x,ATTR4.y);   IO1=ATTR7;   gl_Position=vec4((ATTR0.xy*Coords.xy),((((FontDepth*ProjMatrix[2u].z)+ProjMatrix[3u].z)/FontDepth)*0.5)+0.5,1.0);   }   Pixel Shader:   #version 400   precision mediump float;   precision highp int;   layout(row_major,std140)uniform _Color   {   highp vec4 Color[2];   };   layout(row_major,std140)uniform _Font   {   float FontShadow;   float FontContrast;   float FontShade;   highp float FontDepth;   vec3 FontLum;   };   uniform mediump sampler2D ImgXY;   noperspective in highp vec2 IO0;   noperspective in float IO1;   layout(location=0)out vec4 RT0;   void main()   {   vec4 _18=texture(ImgXY,IO0);   float _22=clamp(_18.x*FontContrast,0.0,1.0);   float _26=1.0-_22;   float _29=mix(1.0-(_26*_26),_22*_22,FontLum.x);   float _30=1.0-(_18.y*FontShadow);   float _31=1.0-(_30*_30);   float _34=(_29+_31)-(_31*_29);   RT0=vec4(Color[0].xyz*((mix(FontShade,1.0,clamp(IO1,0.0,1.0))*_29)/(_34+6.103515625e-05)),Color[0].w*_34);   }  


Code works fine on other platforms, Win, Mac, Android, iOS, Web.


The problem is:


in Vertex shader I have:

mediump float FontShadow;


in Pixel shader I have:

precision mediump float;

float FontShadow;


So they are actually the same precision, yet compiler complains they are not compatible.


Tested on Ubuntu 19.04

Intel Core i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20 GHz

Intel ivybridge Mobile

Mesa DRI Intel Ivybridge Mobile

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Hello GSlaz,


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I would like to inform you that Intel® does not provide direct downloads and technical support for Linux drivers. The Intel® Graphics Linux driver is primarily supported through the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the Linux distribution vendor, or by the Intel Open Source Technology Center at


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