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Graphics and Media Control Panel fails to recognize both monitors

Hello community - here is hoping you can help me!

My Rig:

Alienware X51

Windows 7 Home

Core i5 2320 CPU@3.0


Intel HD Graphics Family

NVIDIA GeForce GT 545

Here is the issue: Apparently, the Intel Graphics Family card controls the HDMI out, and the GeForce controls the DVI out, yet neither one talks to the other or knows the other exists. The computer, overall, identifies that there are two monitors, such that I can extend the desktop across both monitors. The problem arises when you try and run game content on the HDMI screen. The display freezes and locks each and every time.

I cannot get the Intel Graphics and Media Control panel to realize there is a multiple monitor setup, nor can I get the NVIDIA control panel to do the same. Both of them only display "the monitor they are controlling", such that the HDMI connection shows as the only monitor when you bring up the Intel controller, and the DVI monitor is the only one in the NVIDIA controller. When given the option in either program to "Setup Multiple Monitors" only one monitor is displayed.

My best guess at this point is that there is a controller conflict when you run a graphics-heavy product, in that the system doesn't know which drivers/controller to use, but that's my best guess. I hesitate to turn off either one of the graphics cards, but I'm open to any feedback you all might have.

After about 9 hours of troubleshooting this, it's about time I admit I simply cannot figure it out.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and time!

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Community Manager

Hello Axanimander



Thank you for joining the community.



I will advise verifying if your system can support hybrid graphics, if that is the case to enable the feature on BIOS, in case you need to perform a BIOS confirmation please refer to the DELL customer support.





Leonardo C.