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How many Multi-Format Codec Engines does i3-1215u have?


As the production page ( ) of  i3-1215u says it has TWO Multi-Format Codec Engines, I expect it could decode two 8k60p av1 videos simultaneously.  However, the videos become choppy as soon as I start a second 8k60p av1 video.


In light of that situation, I did some digging and found discrepancies in the specs provided by Intel.

on (

it says i3-1215UE, i3-1220PE, and i3-12300HE has only 1 single Video Decode Box.

But, if you go to their individual product pages, for example (,  they all claim they have 2 Multi-Format Codec Engines.


As Video Decode Box(aka.  VDBOX) and Multi-Format Codec Engine are used interchangeably in various Intel documents.  And on page 5 of ( ,  it even declares "VDBOX (also known as Video Box) holds the fixed function hardware blocks for encode and decode. It is also
sometimes referred to as MFX (multi-format video codec). " 


It seems either the Alder Lake P overview page or  all three production spec pages of i3-1215UE, i3-1220PE,  i3-12300HE has communicated the spec of Multi-Format Codec Engines number incorrectly.


So, I am wondering how many multi-format video codecs does  i3-1215U has?  Is there any way for end user to verify the number of multi-format video codecs in the system?



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Hello slide,

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

I will investigate more about this. As soon as I have an update, I will get back to you with the information.

Best regards,

Steven G.

Intel Customer Support Technician.