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How to disable Intel DPST on laptop when plugged in?


I have a somewhat unique problem, intel's DPST is currently stuck on when in plugged in mode and is VERY aggressively changing the brightness of my screen, making most dark games unplayable. I have tried just about every trick in the book to fix this issue permanently but to no luck.


I have a 17" rog zephyrus gx701 with an Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630, I have tried disabling DPST using the old graphics control panel as well as the new intel graphics command center. In both cases the option to disable DPST is only available for "on-battery" status. This feature works, but only when I unplug the laptop from the charger. Plugging the laptop back in causes the "feature" to immediately return. I've also disabled "adaptive brightness" settings where applicable in every and all locations.


The only other work around I've found is to on every restart, disable and re-enable the card in device manager, while this disables the flickering it causes the screen to be incredibly dark. Touching the brightness setting at all kicks DPST back on.


I've tried most registry settings that could relate to this, in multiple locations, using all the suggested values (i.e. featuretestcontrol = 9250 instead of 9240, and many more)


I'm at my wits end on this, I've been trying to find a solution for this off and on since I got this computer last year. If anyone has had success with a similar issue, please let me know!

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Hello NBabb


Thank you for posting in the Intel Community.


I would start by testing the system with the latest Intel® graphics driver ( and the drivers provided by the laptop Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) if the behavior is still present this could be related to the set up/customization that the OEM as on your laptop and the best way to approach the behavior is by consulting with their support.


Note: if you have issues installing the intel drivers (generic or non-customized drivers), you might want to follow the steps on During Intel® HD Graphics Installation I Get an Error Message: This Installation Package is Not Supported by this Processor Type (  



Leonardo C.


Intel Customer Support Technician