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How to use 3 monitors in HP EliteBook 8470p with Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver card




This is my first post and I was hoping to find any help with this issue.


I have two monitors:

  1. Monitor inputs: HDMI and VGA
  2. Monitor inputs: VGA and DVI

My laptop is able to connect to multiple monitor devices (If I am correct) with two ports:

  1. VGA
  2. DisplayPort

To connect one monitor it was only requried to connect it over the VGA port.


Tor the 3rd monitor I used a Displayport - VGA Adapter but when I connect the 3rd monitor. I found that Windows 10 is able to detect the three monitors in Display Settings, but I am not able to extend it to use the 3 at the same time, I can only use two monitors, the built in monitor + (one of the two monitors connected).


I also check in the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel to see if there is required to enable an option to enable this feature but it looks like there isn't.


I've read that this Graphics card is able to drive 3 monitors at the same time so I am not sure what exactly is going on or if I require another technology for this (Maybe a dock station)?


Do you know what exactly I need to do in order to be able to use the three (3) monitors at the same time?


I will attach here my dxdiag information to see if you could give me a hand



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The processor is certainly capable of supporting three independent monitors - if the motherboard is properly designed to support this capability. I suggest that you talk to HP regarding what they have done in the motherboard of this laptop..


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