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I need a patch or driver update found

I have a 4 series express chipset family and windows 10, since support stopped at win 7 there are no more official drivers being released, but i need a patch or something to be able to get opengl 4.4 ik it wont be official, i dont care. Anybody know of something i can get?

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Intel does not support Windows 10 on anything older than 3rd-generation Intel Core processors. There are no resources working on issues with this older hardware. There are no patches, even unofficial, nor will there be at any point in the future -- and you certainly wouldn't get them here regardless; this is an official Intel support site. You will never see any response here that differs from this message. If you want to look for non-Intel-developed patches, this is not the place to be doing so.


Microsoft provides a compatibility driver that provides basic support for earlier processor and chipset graphics solutions, but it too is provided As-Is. It either works and provides the features that you need or it doesn't. If it doesn't, you are out of luck as Microsoft is not providing support. This means there are no patches nor likely will there ever be. This is not a support site for Microsoft. I suggest you go elsewhere if you want to discuss any non-official patches that might exist.


I am sorry for how harsh these messages sound, but this is the reality of the situation. If you want to use modern software, you need to get modern hardware.