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'Installing this Intel generic graphics driver will overwrite any customized driver from your Comput


Intel Driver and Support Assistant is notifying me of a driver update, but when I go to install the driver update, it gives me the following disclaimer:

Installing this Intel generic graphics driver will overwrite any customized driver from your Computer Manufacturer (OEM).

OEM drivers are handpicked, customized, and validated to resolve platform-specific issues, enable features and enhancements, and improve system stability. Intel’s generic graphics drivers are intended for testing, and we recommend using drivers from Hewlett-Packard (HP). Report any issues found with this driver to Intel.

Should I follow this disclaimer, or is it safe to install? I've heard that this driver is 'for testing', and I'd rather not install experimental drivers.

Answers on the internet are quite ambiguous.

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The driver is not experimental, it is generic.  Is your HP device a laptop?  If so, the driver HP provides is likely customized.  Using a generic driver may cause you to lose those customizations.  What customizations?  well, things like any keyboard controls that allow you to control the display. 


The real problem here is that manufacturers do not continue to supply updated drivers to those who purchased their equipment.


Now, if you do not care about those customization, sure, have at it and install the generic driver.   However, note that you have been advised that you may lose the customizations/functionality.


Also, on an HP device, you should not be using IDSA.   Surely HP provides a way to keep their device updated rather than leaving their customers unsupported, and without updated drivers from HP.  But, unfortunately, HP is among the slime manufacturers that take your money and offer little support in return.  Just my opinion.


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That is correct, HP has its own tool and it is "HP Support Assistant"

but users usually tend to use the Intel tool and do little to check what their manufacturers offer on their websites...

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