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Intel ARC and Video coding -continued

Previously "Helle everybody, Does Intel ARC decode and encode VP9 ? I would like to use Intel Arc A770 with Davinco resolve, it would working great as Quick Sync, Herper encode ? Thanks you" After some searchs from my side, most of the decoding and encoding tasks are done by the IGPU (12th-13th generation). This IGPU is called Quick Sync. Intel ARC decode/encode H.264, H.265 and AV1 only decode VP9. The iGPU decode/encode a cetain flavor of VP9, It seems that the Intel iGPU or Quick Sync in far more superior to the intel ARC : more codecs and the performing than the Intel ARC. Using Intel ARC+IGPU will increase the performance "Hyper encode". It works essentialy with H.264-H265-AV1-VP9. Some deception, thinking the Intel ARC will perform better than Quick Sync. Maybe for next generation
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