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Intel ARC770 PCVR via VirtualDesktop and PICO4 Problems with ResizeableBar not working


Intel ARC770 PCVR via VirtualDesktop and PICO4
I bought the ARC A770 16GB on February 14th and then operated it in the ancient system (ASRock Z170 i3-6100) until the current upgrade to AM5 with 7800X3D.
The ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac only has PCIe 3.0 x16 and no ResizebleBar (VERY IMPORTANT INFO !!!)
It ran all my SteamVR titles as well as HL-Alyx, Subnautica, etc.

But now finally the upgrade to MSI B650M MORTAR WIFI with Ryzen 7800X3D and I'm desperate with PCVR.
HL Alyx hangs and does not start the game, Subnautica crashes immediately.
I tried everything possible, especially yesterday, but gave up, annoyed and completely exhausted.

Had a flash of inspiration after coffee this morning.
I turned off ResizeBar because my old system didn't have that.
Lo and behold, all SteamVR titles are running again.
The whole thing was also confirmed on my search here at Intel.

So if you want to play with the ARC770 SteamVR, turn off ResizeBar.

Intel driver is the current from yesterday but it didn't work with the previous xxxx 4669 either

I'm looking forward to your feedback and hope that it will finally be fixed.


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