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Intel Graphics Control Panel drops 2nd Monitor with KVM

Good afternoon all,

This is a little involved so stick with me while I see if I can explain this in a way that will make sense.

I am running a brand new Dell i7 ultra Book (7440) and an i5 Dell desktop through a StarTech 2 port DVI / VGA dual monitor KVM switch to a pair of Dell monitors.

This arrangement has worked fine for the past year with my old Dell laptop (6410). But since I traded out the old Dell laptop for my new Dell Ultra Book, I have a problem.

When I am working in the latop and use the KVM to switch to my desktop, that all goes fine, but when I switch back to the laptop, it has dropped the second monitor and nothing I can do will bring it back except for re-booting the laptop. That brings the second monitor back.

In all other cases, no matter what Combination I try (extending the displays, cloning the displays, etc, it says it can't save my changes and the monitor stays dark until I reboot

If I switch back to my desktop, both monitors work again, as always. So I am pretty sure that the problem resides in the new laptop. Just don't know if there is a setting or a driver or updated application I can use to resolve this. It makes for real problems being abl eto toggle between environments.

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks for joining the community.

I understand you are connecting two monitors to your computer using KVM switch.

Intel recommends using same end on both side if the cables. The usage of KVM switches will limit dual monitor feature on your computer.

Please try getting the latest video drivers for your graphics controller here:

Please filter by operating system and try to install the driver when it finishes downloading, to verify that your system will accept it:

Also, check the link below for more information:


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