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Intel HD Graphics - Installation Problem on Windows 8.1

I am using a HP Pavilion laptop.

Model: dv3 - 4048TX

Display adapters are: Intel(R) HD Graphics and AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series.

I just upgraded it from Windows 7 to Window 8.1 Pro (64-bit)

after the upgrade, the display drivers updated themselves when I connected to Internet and some features like the brightness buttons started working.

I restarted the PC, but it failed to restart on several attempts and I am prompted to restore it. After successfully restoring to previous state, it boots/restarts successfully.

I discovered that the problem is from the AMD graphics driver and downloaded the latest AMD driver software from AMD website.

I also uninstalled the AMD graphics driver and tried to install the downloaded one but it fails. I tried also to install even older versions but it still fails to install.

1. Half way on installing the AMD graphics driver, the screen flickers and finally the PC goes off.

2. On several attempts to restart, it fails until I restore it.

I have contacted AMD company and they recommended that I install the latest "Intel graphics driver" first before installing the AMD drivers.

I downloaded the Intel driver from your site and tried to install it but I get this error:

"Your computer does not have the minimum requirement for installing the software"

what can I do to get the driver installed?

I really need help on this issue please.


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Hello Faraday, it is possible that you were able to download and install inbox drivers via Windows* Update; however, the official support and drivers for your graphics controller are available for Windows* 7 and older operating systems. Graphics Drivers — Supported Operating Systems