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Intel Iris Xe Update / Issues


I just received a Dell Inspiron 7400 with the Iris Xe Graphics and 11th Gen i5 inside. There's been an ongoing issue where the display likes to brighten on lighter colored images but, when the display sees something darker like a black image, the display automatically dims almost like a power saving feature but, I cannot find anywhere to disable it as it is more annoying than anything. The issue has now worsened with an update and now the the brightness toggle is absolutely useless and it won't turn up or down anymore. 

Version :


I've tried the driver support and assistance and it says the driver is functioning normally. I've rebooted the laptop several times and all. Thank you!

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In the graphics command center under system->power there are settings called enhanced power saving and display power saving:

Disable them and check out if it makes a difference.

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This may be  the Iris xe driver. There are many other issues associated with this driver. I have  a new DELL xps laptop, just 2 weeks old with i7 11th gen and having many issues with the display driver. Screen black outs ,display intense apps like games and streaming apps getting closed by itself, screen turns to a pattern of colors and the same brightness issue you have mentioned. Tried all the possible solution including a windows clean install, BIOS update and driver updates but nothing helped. I have a ticket opened with Intel, Dell and Microsoft and still figuring out a solution.

Check in the 'event viewer' and you may see warnings under Display source like 'Display driver igfxn stopped responding and has successfully recovered' event id : 4101.

Please do a web search for iris xe graphics issues and you can see that there is a large number of customers reported this issue on Surface , hp ,dell and lenovo laptops with Iris graphics. 

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