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Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel will not save Wireless Display settings


Hello 🙂 

When sharing my laptop screen to my TV via wireless connection, the screen doesn't fit. So after some digging around, I found that in the Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel Wireless Display settings, picture size is set to 85%, so I'm guessing that might be the solution to my TV Screen issue. 

Problem is I can't seem to be able to change this setting. Even after I set it up to 100%, nothing changes, and after I click "Apply", it doesn't seem to save the new setting and keeps reverting it to 85%. 

Any ideas on how this could be fixed? 


Thank you 🙂 

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Hello EvilConCarne

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.


It is worth mentioning that neither Intel® Graphics Control Panel nor Intel® Graphics Command Center supports Wireless Display. This is implemented by the operating system (Windows®). In this scenario, our recommendation is to contact Microsoft® for support. Here is the Microsoft® Support contact link*:


For more information, please also refer to the following links:


Please keep in mind that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel since we will proceed to close it now from our end; however, communication with community peers can continue. If you need any other information, please submit a new question. Thank you for your understanding.


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