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Lower FPS on some games after updating Graphics Driver


Hello, I have a Laptop with Intel Celeron N3450 with an Intel HD Graphics 500, and I updated it's DCH drivers to the latest one(, but I have issues experiencing with FPS in some games like "Roblox" and "Osu!". In the previous version( of the Graphics Driver that was installed on my PC, I was getting around 60-120 fps on "Osu!" and 30-40 fps on "Roblox". But after installing the latest one, I was now only getting 40-60 fps on "Osu!" and on "Roblox" it was now only 0-1fps, and the game is not even playable. Poor performance as well on Microsoft Edge with Hardware Acceleration on, like literally when I open the browser, everything starts lagging so quickly. Issue is not happening on the previous version. I have now tried reinstalling the driver but the issue still persist. Any ideas or help on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.



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