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P630 driver causes screen to change brightness


Hello. I have a zbook with 2186m zeon in it. This has been an infuriating problem for ever but especially so at the moment because I am just using the built in screen, usually I use a connected one where there is no issue.


With the intel driver installed (automatic install from windows) the screen brightness will constantly go up and down, I believe its adaptive brightness of some kind. The light in the room is literally constant its an office. But the screen is up and down up and down 3 or 4 times a minute. Its not subtle sometimes it dims to the extent you can barely see it, then by its self boom back to full.


There are no options what so ever in the intel graphics panel. in the power settings where all the forums tell me to turn off adaptive brightness there are no such controls all I see is a pop up box for balanced or max performance, no further options are presented to me.


In the power settings in the windows settings, there are no options anywhere for turning off adaptive brightness.


I have tried tried running the command prompts for showing adaptive setting (said it did it but they dont show) and disabling (said parameters did not exist)


If I uninstall the intel driver then two things happen. 1. the graphics look absolutely fine and 2. the weird brightness thing goes away.


I would happily carry on like this but of course restarting the laptop and boom back is the driver and back is the pain.


I have tried manually looking for the driver, but intel does not list it on its website it only show drivers for standard CPUs not the Zeon CPU. I have installed the intel check application and it does not detect that the driver is uninstalled so does not present me any options here, I am literally stuck with the crap driver windows downloads.


All in all this is a bit of a crap show for me, I simply cannot concentrate on getting work done with this problem.



Is there anything else I can try, sadly smashing the laptop too bits is not allowed as its not mine.


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You need to contact HP for support of THEIR device.


Also, you should use only the drivers provided by HP for this device.