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Pixlated display

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Ever since my display driver was updated to it’s newest, It seems like almost every window is pixelated for few seconds.

I have Intel® NUC Kit NUC8i3BEH.

the driver is Version:, Which was installed through ms driver update service.

any ideas ?

It keeps on being updated each time, no matter what i do.

thank you


Win 10

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Latest release is; give it a try. You can download the install package from here:

Hope this helps,



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The driver works great. The problem is driver keeps on coming back.
In the meanwhile I've disabled ms update.

I just wanted someone to know about this issue.

I don't want anything else.

thnx again


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Same there!

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If it's really necessary, I'll produce any report I'm asked to. 

but It's only a driver issue.

everything is fine with driver
MS update service is now disabled for 7 days. so I hope to resolve this issue in that time period.
win 10 single language.

all drivers are up to date by intel dsa, except for my graphics chip.


I hope there's some way to disable any GPU driver update service.

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You have confirmed 1660 works fine, and MS update pushes an older driver that has issues... So your current issue now is with MS update... nothing to do with intel... trust me, I have this annoying MS update behavior (pushing and forcing drivers) even on AMD's PCs...


I don't like to use "automatic driver update tools", and certainly, I don't like windows to install drivers, and definitively NOT BIOS updates... I hate this Microsoft's position about "forcing" all users to accept their drivers and whatever other update "they think is good" but yet they don't provide info on what the update is for before forcing users to install them...

I remember (and missed) the old days when users have control over the updates and they have a detailed description...  and it was as easy as to click on any update in the update list" to see what it was about...


I don't understand this Microsoft policy of "thinking all users are so incompetent that they can not take care of their own systems and decide when is the appropriate moment to proceed with updates"... Sometimes they only show drivers as "Intel component x.x.x.x" and you have no idea what it is for...

This annoys me even more when the very well documented facts show that many "recent-new" updates come with "new bugs or unexpected behaviors", so users that have the skills to take care of their systems are capable to keep their systems working properly while waiting for the updates to be confirmed, (let's say) "they are safe and stable"...


So let me be clear, this is just my opinion and what I like, but I almost never let Windows to install drivers, I prefer to download them from the PC website and manually install them... what I do to deal with this annoying MS update behavior is:

1. Disable Windows automatic updates via GPO (you need Win Pro for this, Home "doesn't" have this feature)

2. Disable Driver updates via GPO

3. From time to time when I want to install windows updates (the ones for patches and security fixes) I use the windows tool to hide/show updates instead of installing from "Windows - Settings - Update", this way, I can select which specific updates I want to install (this is because even though you can stop updates using GPO, at the moment that you "accept to install updates from Windows - Settings - Update" it will install all the updates in the list or cache...)


Megan ♥

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