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Please help - Monitor/tv settings are not supported - VGA to RCA



I have a Windows 7 64 bit notebook computer for home use.  I've been able to connect to the tv using HDMI, but also have an older tv that we would like to connect to using VGA to RCA and it won't recognize the connection.  The Graphics and Media Control Panel says "Monitor/tv settings are not supported" when I try to switch displays.  

The model of the notebook is:  Asus K50I

The tv is:  Sansui DTV2798

The tv works fine with my ipod, etc.  I used to have a hdmi to rca adapter but it was cheap and didn't last long.  This is the first time I tried to hook up this computer to the tv.  I have not done any changes to hardware or software.  After I saw that the computer wouldn't connect to the tv, I tried to update the driver but it didn't work.

Both the tv and the computer work fine on their own.  I just want to be able to watch videos with my family from the computer on the tv because the screen on the tv is bigger, instead of huddling around a little notebook.

I've attached the SSU report to this post.




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OMG, you've got the perfect storm of ancient junk here; an ancient laptop, running an ancient O/S, talking to ancient TV; one that was never intended to have a computer hooked to it. All I can suggest is getting a better quality VGA-to-RCA adapter. They're not expensive; try something like this: or this: or even this:


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I already have one of the adapters you are recommending.  Thank you for your suggestion.

Anyone else?

I've also attached a picture of the display control panel.

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