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Problem with HD 4000 (3rd Generation) on Windows 10


I'm faced with some issues on my fresh Windows 10 install on a notebook. The supplied Graphics Driver via Windows Update is not working. After Windows Update installs the Intel Driver with Version the Display gets black and it is not possible to get a working screen (Internal Notebook Display, VGA, DVI & HDMI not working). I also tried to reinstall Windows several times.

I was able to install UltraVNC to connect to the Notebook via Remote. I can connect and it seems to be that the Driver is correctly installed and loaded but don't recognizes the connected Displays. In the Control Panel I see a "Displaydevice connected via VGA". If I click "Detect Displays" another Screen is shown as "Display not recognized". Also if I deactivate the Graphics Adapter in the Device Manager and reboot I get the Screen working again (seems that the Standard Driver of Windows is then loaded, which works out of the box).

I also tried the Windows 8.1 Drivers and other previous versions - no success.

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Same here, Lorenzso. I installed my fresh copy of Windows10 last night, began to use it into the morning, all until I tried to play some games and realised that the Intel HD 4000 driver is completed useless in W10. I can't even get past the Minecraft or steam game launchers for some games before an error appears, and i'm currently utilising the HD 4000 (4226) driver, which the Intel utility shows to be the latest update. If i'm lucky enough to get a game or something running, which demands use of the graphics driver, the FPS is appalling and all after a simple W10 installation where everything worked like a charm. They've released a Windows 10 beta for 4/5/6th gen Intel drivers, but none for 3rd gen or below? its slightly annoying to say the least, even a beta for the older GPU drivers would've been good.

And the same as you, when I attempted to use Windows update, it would consistently fail in the process. So I'm assuming that update was the beta, which isn't applicable to my laptop. Just a waiting game now I guess, hopefully they release the driver soon, i'd like to be able to use W10 in all of its glory.


I also have problem with Win 10 and HD4000, i hope there will be a non beta driver soon.


Hello ,

You may try the Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows* 10* 64-bit version ( from here Intel® Download Center


Caesar B.

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