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Screen randomly going black when interacting with Windows interface




So I've been having this issue for about a week and makes my laptop almost unusable.


Whenever I hover over, for example, a link after searching something on a browser my screen turns black and then appears normal again. It's like 1 second of black screen all the time I hover over something or interact with the user interface. Windows components such as the volume indicator when changing volume sometimes turns almost transparent when I'm, for example, in full screen watching a video on VLC.

It's definitely not due to the Windows version I am running because when I record my screen and watch it afterwards, nothing happens on the recorded video.

After uninstalling the Graphics Driver the issue is not here anymore, but once I restart my laptop and it will install the graphics driver, then I get the same issue again. I've tried to change my graphics driver to the following versions (from Support for Intel® HD Graphics 620)

Same issues happen and when installing it even says I already have the latest version installed, I forced the installation of the driver update.


I am now running on the version of the graphics driver, my processor is an Intel i7-8550U with graphics UHD 620 and I am running on the Windows version Windows 11 Insider Build 22543.rs_prerelease.220122-2315.


Thanks in advance for potential fixes.

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