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Screen resolution capped


I have an Asus FX504, the screen resolution that was provided by the laptop manufacturer was 1920x1080p.  Intel Graphic driver installed is UHD Graphics 630 version


I broke the hinge of my laptop one day and gave it for repairing to a local shop to patch it up.After they returned  I see very low resolution on my laptop screen and went to intel graphic properties to increase my resolution. And what is saw shocked me, I couldn't see the option to increase the resolution beyond 1366x768.

I tried reinstalling my Nvidia graphics card and then did a system reset too, all in vain.

I also tried creating custom resolution , it gave me a message saying "The custom resolution exceeds maximum bandwidth"

 I have tried everything from my side, if any further solutions are available please help me. Otherwise the conclusion is my laptop screen got replaced which is very unlikely to happen.

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Your local repair shop installed the incorrect screen.  Take it back to them.


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