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Should I install Intel Graphics driver?


I'm bulding my first PC today: Gigabyte GTX960, Intel i5-4460, Gigabyte GA-H81M-HD3.

Of course I have to install Nvidia graphics driver. But should I also install motherboard's intel graphics driver and CPU integrated intel graphics driver? I thought it would be good to have them installed just in case my main GPU died, but I also heard that there can be problems with some games (like GTAV) when you have dedicated+integrated graphics. Should I also disable both integrated graphics in BIOS?

Parts are not delivered yet (propably will be in a few hours) but I want to know before I start doing things.

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Well, question number 1 is to find out if your board/bios allows both to be active concurrently.

If it does, then it may complicate things.   If not, then you need not worry.  If the nvidia card were to fail, simple remove it, and plug your monitor(s) into the onboard graphics (and update the intel driver, of course).

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