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UHD 750 Strange Performance BUG


I've had a long conversation with intel support on facebook now i post it here.


I'm using intel i5-11500 cpu, detailed info in the SSU and GCC.


I found strange bug in drivers.


In driver version -

I have stutters and freezes in CS GO, but in DOTA 2 everything seems fine. CPU fequency is normal.


In driver version - BETA

Stutters and feeezes in CS GO are gone, but in DOTA 2 strange thing happening to CPU frequency it lowers to default CPU clock - 2700Mhz. Same happening in CS GO but it lowers to 3800+ MHz sometimes. But overall it's on maximum.

How can GPU driver affect CPU freq?

Although if you go to windows control panel and turn performance to max CPU frequency normalizes in both games.

I've tried clean installation, etc. It doesn't help

Here's detailed look of the problem:

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