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UHD Driver Causing Flicker



I have an Alienware m17 Laptop, with an Intel Core i7-10750H, an RTX 2070, and a FHD 144Hz Display. I'm having problems with the integrated intel UHD Graphics Drivers. Randomly the screen will flicker with all kinds of strips and distortions and sometimes completely disrupt the display. It very rarely does it in-game. But when I roll the drivers back to the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter Drivers from 2006, It doesn't do it. But when I do that, the Frame Rate drops to 60Hz and Some Games wont function with the older Drivers. Its really inconvenient to switch the drivers back and forth based on what I'm doing. I've Tried 4 different Versions of the New Drivers from March and October 2020, as recent as the Drivers from last week. All of them do it. Any Suggestions?

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Use ONLY the  dell drivers for BOTH intel and nvidia.  If the problem still occurs, contact Dell.


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Al is correct but much too terse in his response.

First of all, you need to go back to the drivers provided by your laptop vendor (Dell) so that you can determine if the problem that you are seeing is reproducible with those drivers. If it is, then the issue needs to be handled by Dell's engineering team (they will work with Intel in the background if necessary). 

Secondly, it needs to be determined whether Dell has modified (customized) these drivers. If they have - and you then overinstall with newer Intel or NVIDIA drivers - then you are wiping out these customizations and this could be the very reason why the you are seeing the problems that you are seeing.

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