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Unity Enemies - New Engine Techdemo Crash on Arc dGPU

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the newest Unity Engine Techdemo that has recently been released to the general public,


is always crashing right before the sequence is fully loaded :


this happens on ALL driver versions so far, except for the single exception, release driver

(it wasn't as easy to successfully downgrade back to that version as I thought it would be)


with every driver that has been released after, Unity Enemies Demo crashes. (eg. *.3792)

it's also the same issue @ latest (beta and/or final)

[btw. how come the same driver is released both as "beta" & "final"  DCH release to the public with less than 24h difference? has it really been testet properly then ? 😉 ]


this is the error popup from the techdemo, couldn't find any other log files:

Unity Enemies TechDemo Crash_Error.jpg


current system:

Windows 10 Pro 22H2 (19045.2311)

Intel Arc A770 16GB LE @ , rBAR enabled

AMD MSI X570-A Pro (Bios 7C37vHI) & Ryzen R5 5600

(MSI btw unfortunately has no ASPM support, it's disabled inside BIOS on most if not all AM4 boards it seems.. hoping for a firmware/software fix on Intels side, to address high power consumption in windows idle mode)


is there anyone who has an idea why Unity Enemies is crashing with every other driver, or someone who managed to make it work on newer versions?




James M.


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This is also happening to me with an mmo called Embers Adrift. Right after the launcher transitions to game graphics launch. Hopefully we can get this resolved soon.


Unity 2021.2.7f1_24e8595d6d43


Embers Adrift ArcA770andUnitycrash.png


Windows 11 Home

Intel Arc A770 16GB LE @ , rBAR enabled

ASROCK B660M (Bios 4.04) and INtel Core I7 12700F


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