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Update graphical driver ice lake


I have lag in combination with my displaylink D300. Seems to be the graphical driver. 

Seems not to be able to install the newest driver of Intell. 

My PC is HP Spectre x360-AW0600nd


Almost all of the systems were made by Dell or HP. The systems were relatively new models that contained Intel ‘Ice Lake’ processors (CPUs) with either integrated Intel Iris Plus graphics adapters or Intel UHD graphics adapters.


How to solve this?


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If HP has made any modifications to the driver for custom hardware, you will not be able to install later generic releases from Intel. You will have to wait for HP to update the driver. You should also report this issue to HP.


I would add that, if you would like to try the generic drivers in place of the custom drivers, then, with unit disconnected from Internet, uninstall the custom driver, reboot and then install the generic driver. Understand that any custom features will be lost in this process, however.



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