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Why don't Intel Graphics support Toontown Rewritten?


I know it is not a mainstream game, and it is silly, but I play it with my wife and kids all the time, even back when it was just Toontown, owned by Disney. The game has always had issues crashing when using anything other than AMD/ATi graphics. Intel graphics users encounter frequent crashes and the community has determined that it is due to the lack of Intel graphics support. Why is this? Is it something that could easily be fixed? It is frustrating to know that the game would not crash as frequently if I was using AMD graphics. The issue also exists with NVIDIA cards, for the same reason.

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What can you say? A poorly written game is a bummer to deal with, but it needs to be understood that this is the game's fault. If it happens with both Intel and NVIDIA graphics, then the implementation was specifically targeted at ATI's (unfortunately old) implementation. That is fails on all three solutions (even if much more often with one specific stack) tells us that it was just a crap implementation from start to end. Regardless, a fix would need to come from the game designers, not intel or NVIDIA or AMD/ATI


Sorry, reality bites,


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