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Will the "Intel® Graphics Command Center" continuously provide support for the "Microsoft surface" devices?


 I'm an Microsoft Surface pro 6 user.

For a long time, lot of Microsoft Surface devices can not change Intel Graphics' options because in the these devices, "Intel Graphic Control Panel" was blocked and removed.

Now, "Intel® Graphics Command Center" is come out and supports these devices, Then the Microsoft Surface users can user it normally and custom screen resolutions by it. It's very useful and I thank Microsoft and Intel.

But I'm a little worried about the continuous supportability. The displayer driver of Surface devices is very old. In 2019 April update the drivers date 2018 September version Will the "Intel® Graphics Command Center" continuously provide supports for the "Microsoft surface" devices? Will it be unsupported by the old driver or some other defects?

Is here any official reply?

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鸿冉000, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support. Just to let you know, Intel® releases the application and is available for any system through the Microsoft® store, the updates that might contain fixes or new features and functions are also available in there for users to install them. In reference to your question, in the following link once you enter the model of your processor in the "Graphics" section you will be able to confirm the graphics controller that it is using: Once you have that information, you can always visit our web site for downloads and verify the latest Intel® generic graphics driver version that is available in there: We do not recommend to install it, instead, we advise to use that version as a reference to get in contact with Microsoft directly to find out if they have that same version released for your platform or if they have another driver since they can customized different settings in your system. They will be able also to provide further details about the continuous supportability for Microsoft® Surface devices: Regards, Alberto R. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation