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Windows 10 not using Intel HD 3000

Hello, I have an issue regarding my integrated graphics card. A year ago my dedicated GPU stopped working and I've disabled it so I can use my laptop without issues. I've tried to make it work again today, but with no results. Disabled it again, my system booted up, and then I've noticed that my Recommended resolution is 1024x768 (native is 1600x900), and I can only choose between these two. Then I started Deus Ex Human Revolution and the setup menu popped up (which opens when you run the game for the first time) and only display adapters I could pick were Microsoft Basic Renderer 1 and 2, and also my refresh rate was 64Hz. When I opened the game the performance was way worse before I tried making my dedicated GPU to work again. Doom (1993) OpenGL based source ports also don't work as "OpenGL is not accelerated!". What's even weirder is that the only display adapter in Device Manager is Intel HD 3000. Also, the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel and Driver & Support Assistant Tray aren't working. I know that it's not supported for Windows 10, but it worked just fine before my tomfoolery with the dedicated GPU. Is there a solution?

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HD 3000 graphics are not supported on Windows 10, and have never been. Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Graphics Products

You have been using the Microsoft generic driver. There is no driver available from Intel, or Microsoft specifically for Windows 10 for HD 3000 graphics.

This also means your processor is not supported on Windows 10.

Your best bet is to get a new(er) laptop that is supported on Windows 10.


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actually there are some Win10 compatible graphics drivers from Microsoft Update Catalog for Intel HD Graphics 3000. use either version or for the HD 3000 but do realize that these drivers from MS have basic functions and will not have all the options that the full-featured drivers have that were made for Windows 7 & 8.x.

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However, HD 3000 (and the processor) are still unsupported.